Habibians Ahoy !


                                                         Mr. Amer Zahoor

Just as a man is known by the company he keeps or the manager by the performance of people who work under him : a mother is judged by the upbringing of her children and a housewife by the way she runs the household, the old students of an institution are mirrors of its working and reputation- old students are also ambassadors of the institution to the outside world. 

When USA was observing its bi-centennial year in 1976, in a New York Hotel were assembled  twelve young men. All Pakistanis. All Gold medallists of American and Pakistani Universities. All old students of Habib Public School , Karachi. 

If Habib Public School enjoys a good reputation as an institution of excellence, no mean role has been played by the old students of this 40 year old school , located on Moulvi Tamizuddin Road, Karachi , over sprawling 17-acre grounds with envious facilities for academic , sporting and literary pursuits. A large number of former students look back with nostalgia and gratitude on the days spent in the school and have often expressed the desire to do something which can sustain, infact improve upon, HPS education system to march with the fast changing times. 

The waiting period for such well meaning and exuberant ex-Habibians is now over. A group  of Old students have formed Habib Public School Old Boys Association, "HABIBIANS". The main objective of the Association is to foster and maintain the bonds of brotherhood amongst Ex-students of Habib Public school and to undertake concrete measures towards making the school a premier institution par excellence. 

The Association will work to promote fraternity, understanding and goodwill among the Old Boys of Habib Public School and the Members of the teaching/administrative staff. It will also maintain liaison with the School to help preserve the ideals and traditions of the school . The Association will strive to render necessary help , financial or otherwise, members of the Association will strive to render necessary help, financial or otherwise, to members of the Association or their dependents and students of Habib Public School , especially for education and professional studies. 

The Association will also take such steps which may result in the betterment of facilities in the school in order to sustain the high standard of academic and sporting excellence. It will record recognition and project the outstanding achievements of the school ; its students , teachers , ex-students, and any person or group associated with the school . 

We would like all HABIBIANS to join the Association, be a part of the HABIBIANS BROTHERSHOOD  and help us to achieve the objectives for which your Association has been formed. The sooner , the better. 

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