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Mr. Mohammadali Habib, the  founder of Habib Public School, was as much of a business tycoon as he had the yearning for  education  for the less fortunate students from the lower strata of society. It was out  of  this vim  and vigour  that the idea of Habib Public School was born. The sight was chosen after a frantic search and the building was  put up like the one seen  and admired  by the  founder in Switzerland.  Ahmad House, Dawood House, Sharif House and Ghulamali House were the four wings which were constructed in  L shape in the first instance  and  123 students were enrolled from class I to class IX.  mostly drawn from the localities around the school.


The teeming fleet of buses, vans and coasters  as we see them clogging the traffic now were non-existent then.  The children of Habib family and others who were  enrolled in the new school would come in their own vehicles and drop at the gateless entrance to signify the freedom to enter and leave at will, if the expectation did not measure up to the envisioned level.  Beyond Sharif House there was nothing  but undulating surface whose limit was set by the shack in which  Mr. Bashir,  the  P.T.I. and his family lived. When the tidal water surged with the waxing of the moon, the ground behind  Sharif House was all slush and the peon would use their muscle power to throw the water back in the adjoining nullah which drained the sewage water  into the sea.   The well-maintained foreground hockey field was the one where students  practiced  and the presence of  stalwarts like Islahuddin, Moti-ur-Rahman and Habib-ur-Rahman would not be an uncommon sight.  It was here that Mr. Samad, the then Hockey Coach was often found screaming and squealing with a view to pepping up  the players. These were the days when strapping Firdous Zulfiqar was the heart throb  of the students  and Abbas Dawood stole the show by scoring a solitary goal against  the opponents in the Inter-School Hockey Final organized on all Karachi basis. The first batch of students, all from Habib family,  consisted of only three students in 1961.  The next year was a better year when 21 students appeared at Science and ten at Commerce. Haider Ali Jaffer Ali of the faculty of Commerce, stood first in the  city and Yadullah Haider and Rashid Zulfiqar  distinguished themselves on the Science side.  Rear Admiral Baqir, COMKAR  of Karachi  today was not far behind.  The first Principal of the School was  Mirza Ashiq Hussain, former Principal of Shia College, Lucknow.  Mr. Bashir Shad stepped into Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rahman’s shoes as the 3rd. Principal.  It was in his time that the award of  Gold Medal  for the overall best student was instituted and the first ever recipient  was Jawed Shahid who has won immense plaudits as a neuro-surgeon in  U.S.A.  now his home. 1962 was an epoch-making year when Mr. Hasan Akhtar from P.M.A. and Air Force  Public School, Lowertopa, joined the school as its Principal.  It was still a small school consisting of only 12 staff members on the secondary side but with the arrival of Mr. Hasan, the school got off to a flying start  and owing to his able guidance and  vast vision, the school progressed by leaps and bounds.

          Late Mr. R.D. Habib  who was a distinguished  sportsman of his time, took over as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees right from the very beginning. His passion for education was contagious and the unstinted support he gave to the uplift of the school paid enormous dividends  when the clutch of Honours started pouring in and the fame of the school started spreading to the remote corners of the country.  Mr. Yousuf Qasim Mitha, the indefatigable  titan of inexhaustible vitality and verve took the bridles of the school as its first Managing Trustee with a Master’s degree in Economics from Cambridge University much before I was born or even my father got wedded. He looked after the school as a crusader  for a long time and gave it a new dimension.


          In 1964, the school was upgraded to a College and the strength of the school soared to 750.  Meanwhile the sea shied away and we had more habitable land available  through the reclamation from the receding sea. As  time wore on and our need to grab more land from the unsurveyed and unclassified  stretches of sea registered an upsurge, we claimed more land and the  College and the Laboratories Block were put up on it.  Other buildings were constructed with the rise in its service and standard. The auditorium- cum-dining hall was added  in 1963 in which the students are served  mid-day meals during the lunch hour and at other times the hall is available for speech training, debates, dramatic arts, literary activities, exhibitions, speeches and organized exams, etc.  Overlooking the auditorium is a Swimming Pool of half  the Olympic size whose sparkling water catches the eye of a visitor  In 1971 Indo-Pak War, two bombs were dropped on our school, one of which did a greater damage and the upper story of  the Auditorium Block  had to be pulled down and reconstructed. A peon lost his life through the injury caused by the sharpnels of the bomb.  The steely flagpole through which the shards of the bomb penetrated still remind us  of the  grim  occasion and the sad demise  of the victim.


          Mr. S.S.Bilgrami succeeded  Mr. Hasan Akhtar who was elevated as Director of Habib Education Trust. Mr. Bilgrami served the school for six years and then Dr. A.H.Rizvi took over as the Principal. On his moving to U.S.A. as a Professor, the mantle fell on Mr. Ishrat Hussain followed by Wing Cdr. Rehan Naqvi and then me.          All told,  I served Habib Public School  for 33 years out of which 9 years were the period of my headship  and the rest I served as  the Vice-Principal.   Mr. Iqbal Ahmad, the present Principal  joined the school as far back as in 1964 but then he left to proceed abroad.    On return from Nigeria after an elapse of 16 years, he elected  to join us again.  After a brief spell as  Headmaster, he became the Principal on my retirement, the post which he continues to hold even today.


          The history of Habib Public School is the history of half my life.  I have witnessed some very outstanding students come and go.  Since the major intake  of students is at class I level, the students remain with us for ten long formative years. They enter the school as toddlers  and go out as young men of muscle and might. During the decade they pass in the school their mental faculties, personality and character are moulded by the school to fit them well for any walk of life.  Right from  inception, Habib Public School has been known not only for academics but also for co-curricular activities and the school prides itself on adding behemoths to the tall list of magnificence amassed already. Honours accruing to the  school through the remarkable performance of the students would not be possible  without the unflinching support from the management, teachers, and the parents who have always given unqualified co-operation  for the good of the school.  Habib Public School  has the galaxy of luminaries.  It is not possible for me to recall  all the names which deserve mention. It does not mean  that the names which do not enter  the  bounds of my wakeful memory are any less important. 


Among the unforgettables are some of  my loved ones, such as  Hussain Haqqani, who needs no introduction in Pakistan, Raza Rabbani, the PPP leader and the former Federal Minister  who is remembered  by all of us for his debating skill, sunny disposition and polished manners,  Asad Junejo for  his vivacity and refiness, Khursheed Hasnain for his serious looks and still more seriousness in studies, Ayaz Toosy  with his immaculate dress and bearing, Aamer Nadeem Shaikh  for his scholastic excellence, Shujaat Hussain, now a senior army officer for his  high qualities of  head  and heart, Junaid Ahmad for his superb scholarly ability, Mustafa Master  and Arif Usmani  for being extraordinary bright in studies, Salman Shakir for his ever smiling face, Shabbir Sherali for his recitude, Shoaib Muneer for his linguistic ability and brightness in studies, Noorani and Ziaul Hasan for their excellence in studies.


          In games and  sports Habib Public School has an unenviable record. Some of the players, athletes, sportsmen and swimmers have unparalleled records and possess national and international stature.  Hassan Sardar, Qamar Ibrahim, Zahid Maqbool, Ayaz Mahmood, Ahmed Alam, Safdar Abbas and some of the younger players including Sohail Abbas need special mention.  In cricket, Shoaib Mohammad and Asif Mohammad will neither be forgotten by us or by Pakistan. Among the champion swimmers Aun Qasim, Sarfraz, Nisar Dawood, Saleem Raza of the byegone days  can never be forgotten. Ali Kamani  and Meesaq Rizvi, Shakeel Paul, Anwar Hussain, Ali Haroon come to my mind as great athletes.


           Habib Public School has produced excellent debators both in English and Urdu. Starting from Javaid Shahid down to Amir Hashmi brothers, Naveed Baig, Adnan, Sarfraz brothers,  we have a long list of powerful debators who were unmatched in their times and will be remembered for a long time to come.


          On the faculty we have had some very illustrious teachers.   Among them Mr. Naqi Akhter, now a Professor in U.S.A., Mr. Shabahat Ali, a big name in Computer in NewYork, Mr. Naeem, a prosperous businessman now in Baltimore, Mr. Ghaffar Shaikh, a retired MD of National Cement, Mrs. Jafri, Mrs. Hasnain, Mr. M.B.Ahmad, Mr. Ali Irshad should be paid due tribute for yeoman’s service to the cause of education.


          After the death of the great benefactor Mr. R.D. Habib, his son Mr. Muslim Habib who has inherited  the same zest for education as his father’s  is now  looking after the premier institution as the Managing Trustee.  Being an alumnus of this institution he knows very well what the institution has stood for all these years and he is very ably supported by Mr. Anwar Abbas, the Administrator in his endeavor.  Based on the criteria of their own, this institution  was christened as one of the “Eighty Better Schools of Pakistan” by the Ministry of Education, Islamabad  and  we  hope that the unique position enjoyed by this institution will endure for ever.

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