Message of H.E.Mr. Mamnoon Husain




The urgent need of Pakistan today is not more of education, but also of better education. The improvement of educational methods must keep pace with the extention of its domain if the best results are to be obtained. This aspect of the problem should be recognised without further delay. Infact it has been too long delayed already, and the country is suffering from its ill-effects. If the education imparted to the young has been seriously lacking in quantity, it has been still more sadly lacking in quality. This fact impresses one more and more as one gets a closer acquaintance with the prevailing educational system. It is specially true about the early stages of education from the primary to the high school standard. The sooner the remedy is found, the better will grow the prospect before the nation.


As Governor-Sindh one of my responsibility, and a pleasant and fruitful one at that, is to oversee the sphere of education, particularly encompassing school education and its system of working and examination.


Not only as the Head of the Province of Sindh but as a parent of a Class VIII pupil, it has given me great satisfaction to see the progress made by Habib Public School and now to know that this great institution, a symbol of excellence and dedicated service is observing its Fortieth Anniversary this year and heading for still better performance come the 21st. century.


What has both amazed and pleased me is the fact that the School observes a full-day curriculum to give the child fulsome opportunity to flower his talent in whatever direction it may lie and despite pressures from various quarters to make it a half-day school, it has resisted all such suggestions with the disdain it deserves. For this principled stand the management of the School, particularly my friend and principal Iqbal Ahmed richly deserve the gratitude and the admiration of the public who know and understand the importance of a full day curriculum in the grooming of a young boy.


I am happy to know that on the occasion of the 40th. anniversary the Old Boys of the School have got together to launch the Habibian Association in order to serve the cause of the School, good education and the society in an effective way, besides providing a platform for interaction among themselves to enrich life with their common heritage and experiences. My congratulations to the Habib Public School and its talented band of old boys.



Mamnoon Husain